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The Love Can Initiative is delighted to have the pop music group Blush supporting children living in poverty and hunger. The legendary Quincy Jones is executive producer of the girl group composed of five members from the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. They have enjoyed enormous success on the Billboard Music Chart. Their debut single “Undivided” featuring Snoop Dogg hit the top three, their second single “Dance On” went to number one. Their voices speak for the children without a voice, asking the nation to “Don’t Speak, Take Action” in a movement of solidarity. Learn more >

The problem of persistent poverty is a complex one that includes communities and individuals who, through no fault of their own, find themselves unable to make ends meet in this globalizing, information-intensive world.


People at risk are women, children, and people of color, and single-parent families.
Large numbers of the nation's citizens live at or below the poverty threshold, which means each month is a struggle to pay the bills and provide the basics, including food, clothing, and shelter, not to mention access to health care and simple comforts.


can make change.
Powerful change.

The Love Can Initiative unites people to spread love throughout the United States and the world by inviting influential people to be a part of the solution that no child should be left uncared for, untreated from treatable illnesses or lack of nutrition, a warm bed or education that can improve the quality of life around them.


By spreading love with a variety of people supporting the message who will make a difference. The Love Can Project will unite people and initiate a conversation, putting poverty on the map as a priority.






Eden Sassoon, daughter of the legendary Vidal Sassoon, keeps the legacy alive with her enormously successful businesses. She is owner of fitness studio Pilates Plus By Eden Sassoon and Finishing studio EDEN by Eden Sassoon. The Love Can Initiative is delighted to have her support for America's children. Learn more >


The beautiful Eden Sassoon and SoulCycle joined forces to strengthen body & soul and raised funds for the Love Can Initiative with a Cycling Event in West Hollywood. Join us for the ride

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Brother and sister, pop and retro rock n roll duo – Brandon and Savannah Hudson show love for America's children. Brandon taught himself to play the guitar at a very young age and quickly became passionate about writing his own music. Savannah began singing and dancing as soon as she could walk and soon found herself writing music with her big brother. Working hard to bring their individual talents together to produce something wonderful, Brandon and Savannah create beautiful music together. Learn more >



Judith Hoag
Yvette Nicole Brown
Brandi Burkhardt
Joyce Giraud
Angell Conwell
Eileen Davidson
Natalie Dreyfuss
Lindsey McKeon
Eric Roberts
Tiny Lister

A peek behind the scenes on the Love Can Tour: Los Angeles.

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